Did you know that orang-outans build daily a new nest,

just like flexible worker changes workspace every day ?

Illustration Paule André - Innerfrog

Nest Your Desk have created brand e-learning videos for remote working! 

Nest Your Desk supports the implementation of remote working and full remote working in organizations. All stakeholders, top managers, employees and (future) teleworkers are invited to co-evolve to safeguard these new ways of working (NWOW).

We run awareness workshops and trainings to help change attitudes, behaviour and skills. Several aspects are taken in consideration: digital, legal, organizational, managerial, community and preventive.

We also advise each organization by giving them guidelines on their new identity in the NWOW. 


  • Auditing teleworking in your organization
  • Kicking off teleworking
  • Conferences on teleworking and full remote working
  • Conferences on flexible work


  • Implementing remote working and full remote working
  • Ensuring home & office work for teleworkers 
  • Feeling and working better in open spaces  and strengthening your team spirit to create a community
  • Finding your digital balance between connection and disconnection
  • The new managers


Intracompany agenda dates.

Reflection workshop around remote working:

  • Is my company ready for hybrid working  or full remote ?
  • How to implement teleworking in my company ?

Intracompany agenda dates.

Trainings around remote working:

  • Tips & tricks to work efficiently from home
  • Switch from digital stress to digital comfort


  • Providing the right legal framework for teleworking
  • Accompanying your members to start working remotely after Covid, even full remote working
  • Digitalization of your documents and virtual organization 
  • Choosing the right collaboration tools