In partnerschip with Cevora, discover our online blended learning sessions :

"Tips and tricks for efficiënt teleworking" 


  • 06 July - 9u00 - 12u00 - French
  • 08 July - 9u00 - 12u00 - Dutch
  • 30 August - 9u00 - 12u00 - French
  • 07 September  - 9u00 - 12u00 - French
  • 07 September  - 13u30 - 16u30 - Dutch

English session on request for your company available

and soon for intracompany sessions


In partnerschip with Cevora, discover our online blended learning sessions :

"Tips and tricks for efficiënt teleworking" 


  • 15 September - 13u30 - 16u30 - Dutch
  • 06 October  - 9u00 - 12u00 -  Dutch
  • 20 October  - 13u30 - 16u30 - French
  • 27 October - 13u30 - 16u30 - Dutch
  • 10 November  - 13u30 - 16u30 - French
  • 17 November - 13u30 - 16u30 - Dutch
  • 24 November - 9u00 - 12u00 - Dutch
  • 24 November  - 13u30 - 16u30 - French
  • 01 Décember - 9u00 - 12u00 - French
  • 12 Décember  - 9u00 - 12u00 - Dutch

English session on request for your company


It is thanks to the Internet and collaboration tools that you have been able to maintain a certain productivity by giving access to teleworking. However, beyond technical "connection", you are also now aware of the human factor impacting both productivity and the well-being of your employees.


Nest Your Desk wants to be as close as possible to your needs by creating various virtual accompanying programmes to continue to progress in this flexibility at work, aavailable in French, Dutch and English!


With over 6 years of experience in implementing teleworking schemes and teleworking trainings in both private and public organizations we now have  a wealth of field experience to offer you contents tailor made to your current priorities.


We present below the topics and possible formats.

the topics

CHROs / working group the “New Ways of Working”

  • Implementing "sustainable" structural teleworking
  • Create your internal teleworking communication plan 
  • Strengthening diversity: disability and teleworking 
  • Integrating your new employees remotely: "virtual onboarding” 
  • Broadening your cafeteria plan with teleworking

MANAGERS & leaders

  • Shifting from crisis to change 
  • Managing your team from a distance 3.0
  • Organizing feedback on your best practices post-Covid 19 

agile teams

  • Collaborating effectively at a distance 
  • Organizing effective and enjoyable meetings 
  • Maintaining your tribe: strengthening social cohesion 

Nomadic teleworkers

  • Combining the best tips for effective teleworking 
  • Optimizing your physical and mental well-being at a distance
  • Identifying your digital comfort and efficiency 
  • Opting for optimal non-verbal communication at a distance
  • Digital Detox: creating your comfort and digital efficiency


Depending on your needs, the themes below are available à la carte in various formats.   


The webinar – 60 minutes



This "video-conference" format runs live and allows for real interaction with a large audience, both through animations and question time.


This "short" format is essentially intended to raise awareness on the chosen topic and can be further developed in a "virtual classroom" format. 


Blended learning

We are aware that learning is facilitated by a multiple approach, and we are convinced that blended learning is the most complete formula to guarantee optimal learning. This means combining different formats on a learning path.


To do this, we offer to create a tailor-made course with you, or even an individual course, if necessary, to fit in perfectly with your training strategy.


This format allows you to respect the pace and learning style of each employee by means of direct and indirect courses, both in person and virtually via the platform.

The virtual classroom -  90 to 120 minutes


The virtual class allows you to go more deeply into the subject matter thanks to a smaller group of participants. The theory will be accompanied by exercises in sub-groups, edutainment activities such as brainstorming for example, as well as teaching aids.

Micro learning: asynchronous

In order to allow everyone to follow their own learning pace, micro-learning is an interesting format because it consists of several pre-recorded video capsules, hosted on the platform  in French, Dutch and English.


These thematic capsules (or 'nuggets') last between 6 and 10 minutes and create a total viewing time of 90 minutes with a certificate following an online quizz.


The series of modules are suited for managers, teams and nomads alike.



digital media

Whether for video-conferencing tools (Zoom, Microsoft Teams,...) or virtual animation applications (Wooclap, Beeshake, Mentimeter,...), we adapt to your needs.