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In addition to the various virtual formats proposed above, we offer the possibility of deepening specific questions, obstacles and resistance patternss addressed in the above-mentioned themes through distance coaching:


Individual coaching of 30 to 60 minutes

A dialogue between two people to allow a tailor-made listening of the personal situation of the employee in need of clarification, advice and motivation in his/her daily work.


Group coaching of 60 minutes

A moment to exchange experiences and questions between employees led by the e-trainer.


Private forum: 

A space for private conversations where the trainer and participants can exchange information together, asynchronously (indirectly).


The e-trainer will be very responsive, within a very short time.

online communication kit










You invest a lot of time and money in finding the most appropriate training and learning options for your employees.


In order to guarantee maximum participation in your training courses with a real return on investment, we offer to help you, entirely or partially, to create your internal training promotion kit!

This can be done in the form of editorial texts, videos or elaborate outlines in an attractive design and customized with your organization’s graphic identity.


virtual listening

 In collaboration with Michel Godart from HR MeetUp, we are pleased to offer you to listen to our latest conversations about teleworking and its recent evolution following the Covid-19 :




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Does teleworking triggers your appetite to explore more of the possibilities of working in a flexible world?

A comprehensive guide to flexible working, written by several NWOW (New Ways Of Working) experts, has just been released! 


We discuss the various aspects of the New Working World:

People, Process, Tools, Bricks, Remote

(dutch version only)

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Combining humour and learning brings lightness and makes messages more impactful!

In partnership with Florence Pire, a sociologist and clown, we have produced a number of teleworking video tips. 

If you want to liven up your internal communication with your employees with humorous teleworking tips, Nest Your Desk is pleased to offer you 5 free edutainment video-tricks to stay efficient while teleworking.


For a "seriously offbeat",

look at teleworking in your organisation with Daisy Croquette.

Here an example capsule  

virtual interview


Would you like to include a teleworking expert in one of your internal communications in the form of an article, blog or testimonial?

Viviane Kock is at your disposal for a virtual interview to answer all your specific questions to complete your internal communication on flexible working.

virtual guest speaker

A "teleworking expert guest" for your online events


Are you organising a virtual event with external guests to feed your questions and discuss current situations around flexible working?

Viviane Kock will be happy to speak, live or recorded, at your event to share with you her experience in the field and her vision of the new teleworking trends.