conversation with Bart Provost - worklife coach trainer

Approach of VIVIANE

Yes Viviane wants to understand! And I highly appreciated this in her! 

How is your office ?

What are your priorities ?

What is your pace of work ?

Also, she provides a very global, new and fresh insight, with a lot of very practical tips, easy to implement.




If I think about "re-organising the workplace" there are still a lot of things that I remember today, which are quite different, even surprising.

I thought it was mostly about storage.

Is it clean ? Is it neat ? Organised ? 


But now, I understood that there is more than meets the eye: like the use of colors, specific tones, light angles of light, the positioning of your chair, your desk, your table.

What kind of storage do you want to use ?

Closed storage, open ?


There is much more you could think of, and I thought it would be very simple, but it is not.

There are quite a few items to take into consideration.

the psychology of colors

Applying color accents according to the task you need to perform.

Such as certain colors for arduous, intellectual tasks, even very targeted, or other colors, when it comes to the mind, to thinking, creating new concepts, developing ideas, and playing with them.


Now I have very well understood that in fact too many gray colors in my workspace, with silver accents, actually are not that suitable for creating a good workplace in my living room.


Working from home is mostly a problem for me.

Because you have a family context where for example the dishes need to be done, or you notice that something os not tidy, or part of your brain is busy thinking what is left to do in your private life.


Because of course yo sit in your private area which is your workplace. If I observe my different attempts, I notice now that there are indeed very simple tips and tricks.


For example, visually "shielding" your workplace.

And even to family members, by using some language code of certain symbols, so that it is visibly clear that you are working.

and so you are no longer interrupted by any question from your children or partner, and from then on, it becomes very clear.

"No, 'm working". This way, you create through visual and spatial aspects, a limit.