IN CO-CREATIon for the writing of a book


Text by Ilse Schorrewegen

Pictures Jan Van Steen

Boek Future of Work

Networking around the new way of working, I crossed paths with Bart Van Roey of IHOP.

He shared his project with me so that I participated in the writing of a book on NWOW and I did not hesitate a moment to seize this opportunity!

Hereinafter I would like to share with you our new way of working, and jointly writing a book: 

together without written contract

Interview boek Future of Work


We, co-authors, are autonomous and operate freely in co-creation, without any contractual or hierarchical link between us.

Also companies that participate in this book, do so on the basis of their verbal commitment.

Today we did all the interviews, that is to say, companies that shared with us how they set up the New World of Work, the flexible work, in their organization with the nice surprises but also the hiccups and above all their advice!

Interview boek Future of Work

Meeting with Veerle Verspillen - Onafhankelijke Ziekenfonds - Change and Internal communication Manager.

working together on a concept other than that of economic interests.

To write a book, the starting point is a mission; it is because you want to convey your vision and expertise, and not because of economic interest, the minor point of this cooperation.


After all, we value our cooperation with similar visions, while having very complementary and at the same time different profiles. 

Here are the 5 pillars around which we build our editorial thread: 

Interview Future of Work

Interview with Carine Deneyer - Onafhankelijke Ziekenfonds - Human Resources Manager



Our collaboration continues...Our goal is to finish our book for spring 2020.

We dream of starting off an "online" community that will allow us to interact with both authors and our future readers who will want to encourage us; which will make our book extremely lively and interactive.