Happy homeworker

"A training that gives you a nice open mind".

"Inspiring, practical, accessible, clear and efficient". 

"Pleasantly surprised by the content of the training".

Thank you Viviane, you bring serenity to our questions".

"Precious advices to discover in live!".

"a moment when we can question our working methods and therefore reposition ourselves".

"I really appreciated the great human dimension that has been given with our needs at the center of the discussion. very interesting!".


Participants Maniet Chaussures 

Happy homeworker

This workshop was great. everything you need to know about is covered here with lots of images and cases. An educational workshop that was nicely presented. Highly recommended for companies.

Very useful tips that you can get started with immediately. Friendly and joyful trainer.

Nice to hear a different view of other remote persons who participated."

                                Participants De Stroomlijn    

Happy homeworker

"Very practical training. This causes real awarenesses! "                          

"Open discussions without taboes. Very constructive en interesting workshop on digital level as well".

"Super well built, clear and well explained with very good tips".

" Very attractive, lively, fun, interesting en very useful training."

                                "This workshop is as good as for managers!".

                                "This opens up your mindset to a new of working from home".

                                "Useful, pleasant and makes you want to try home working, thank you!". 

                                IBA participants 

Happy homeworker

Suite à un concours organisé par mon employeur, j’ai gagné un coaching télétravail personnalisé. Lors de ce coaching, j’ai pu échanger librement avec Viviane au sujet de mon télétravail car je me posais la question de savoir ce que cela pouvait m’apporter.


Avec Viviane, nous avons pu voir ce que je pouvais changer pour un meilleur confort de travail. L’aspect ergonomie a également été envisagé afin d’améliorer la posture au niveau du bureau. L’aspect agencement des objets présents sur le bureau a également évoqué pour une meilleure concentration visuelle et un espace de travail apuré (moins de désordre et d’objets présents).  Les presque 2 heures passées on été l’objet d’un échange convivial. 

Encore merci à Viviane pour ce qu’elle a pu m’apporter.

Vincent Plennevaux , Gestion des plaintes, Belfius  

Happy homeworker

Professionalism, enthusiasm and inspiring are my keywords to describe my short experience with Viviane's work. Than you Viviane for the new insight.


Herman Van den Bogaert , Brand Service Specialist, D'Ieteren 

Happy homeworker

It was very nicely hosted and fun. Very useful workshop, food for thought!

A clear and tangible list of things to do and to adapt.

Great practical and easy to adapt to work from home.

Very nice intervention of the business clown!      

                                BCG - Aspire Workshop Barcelona 28th April 18' 

                               "I am my boss: efficient tips to work and study better ".

Happy homeworker
"Very comprehensive and lively training, illustrated by real life examples. Very educational handbook that will guide us in our project evolution.
Also, a speaking time was given to everyone with mini-debates."
"Interesting experience! A real "enlightenment" to consider teleworking more broadly than originally                                               planned. Several opportunities have been submitted to us, and we can better evaluate their impact."
                                "Very useful information and pragmatic examples. Very interactive workshops!"
                                Workshop participants, Test Achats
Happy homeworker

Viviane led two successful workshops for us, one for our candidates (job seekers) and one for our clients (employers) Both events were interactive and lively. Viviane knows her material which she delivers with her usual sunny disposition. Feedback was so positive that we have recommended her workshops to our Paris and Amsterdam  offices. Being a great communicator in the 3 languages (French, Dutch and English) the

                                workshops are sure to be a hit there too!

                                Frederique Paccagnella, Director Excel Careers and Excel Interim

Happy homeworker

Thank you very much for the invitation to today’s workshop. It was very interesting. 


Silvana Scelfo, Senior HR Officer, COST Association

Happy homeworker

Energetically brilliant.    

Michael Brook, Operations Coordinator Excel Careers - Excel Interim

COACHING for entrepreneurs-freelances

an enthusiastic office design project

Happy homeworker
Working with Viviane was a real pleasure.
Her natural empathy and spontaneity get you quickly on board.
Her approach is very respectful of you and your environment.
It really takes into account all your constraints; When looking at your place, her approach is global: she considers all aspects of homeworking.
Her proposals are both very much in line with your requests, and she also goes a step further.
Personaly, I was impressed by the color palettes she suggested me including a real favorite in a range that I had not initially thought of).
She looks for combinations and solutions to harness costs.
And icing on the cake: the 5-sense approach is a real treat.
In short, I warmly recommend being guided by Viviane in creating of a beautiful, energizing workspace that fits perfectly into your environment.
                               Christelle Deblon, co-generatror of enthusias, mother of 5 children, Wavre
Happy homeworker

Participating in Viviane's workshop "My desk under the spotlight" was a discovery.

What would I learn about the layout of my workplace ? Well, I saw! Viviane's proposal does not stop only at aesthetics, her vision is truly global and supported by many theories of which I did not know.


                               Being in my workplace is having a dedicated space that I close in the evening, it is about adding color but                                  not too much, inviting nature in my space, etc.

                              In short, it is about echoing my inner and outer worlds.

                              Her training is comprehensive and well documented, with her kindness wrapping it all up!

                              Bonus: I left with some easy-to-implement ideas, thank you Viviane!


                                Dominique Boon, Entrepreneur

Happy homeworker

The presentation given by Viviane was simply impressive!

As a participant, we were confronted with a playful journey and powerful illustrations of we can unconsciously mak bad choices.

By stimulating effects, such as color for example, we gradually refine our sensory awareness to optimize our workspace and realize that it is not limited to just a chair and a table.

And Viviane has managed liberating us from our thoughts because she was able to create the "aha" effect! Thanks to her very structured and theoretically supported arguments, she provides us with all the strings to be effective at your desk and create your own dream office in a soothing environment.

The many "do's and dont's" alternated with playful and subtle creative notes.

Overall, this training is a real boon for those seeking serenity, stimulation and efficiency at their desk.

Thank you Viviane!


                             Peter Van Gijzel, Artist

Happy homeworker

JI could attend the workshop My desk under the spotlight" with Viviane sho is sparkling and full of energy; I learned many tips, easy to change in my office, that allow me to work at home in a nice and relaxed while very stimulating and motivating space. I find that I am more motivated since this renewal following the workshop.

                       Valérie Maraud, Respiration and Nutrition Coach.

Happy homeworker

This is a concrete training for me, where the starting point is the participant.

The training is punctuated with questions / answers about the students, which allows everyone to learn how to improve their own office space.


                               I leave with a positive experience and more particularly the importance of plants and flowers on my

                               well-being at work.

                               Azita Rahimpoor, Conference Interpreter

Happy homeworker

Wether working at home or in the workplace, "My desk under the spotlight" training helps to concretely improve the quality of our work thanks to the attention paid to a comfortable environment.

The "visual boosters" and "My office physical comfort" modules offer a series of tips and tricks that open our eyes and give us the necessary perspective to help us improve our working area with simple and                                          effective implementation.

                                Whether live of webinars, all is presented in a lively way, with many examples ans a smile, what more can                                    you ask for?

                               Fabienne Goubille, Coach in storage and organisation